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We at The Turnip Truck are proud to be one of Nashville's largest retailers of inventory from local and regional vendors. We constantly field requests from those who want to join the team, and we're always happy to get those inquiries.

As part of our new vendor checklist, the following are just a few requirements that must be completed before we can consider carrying new products.

  • FDA-legal labeling on prepared food products. This includes complete ingredient listings and nutritional labeling as required by law for your specific product.
  • No artificial colors, sweeteners, fillers, preservatives, or flavors. All ingredients must be 100% natural.
  • A scan-able UPC/barcode. The Turnip Truck is not affiliated with any provider, but one current vendor has worked with and is happy with their service.
  • It's important that supply is able to keep up with demand, and out-of-stocks can put us in a difficult situation with our customers. So we like local vendors to be able to always keep inventory in stock on our shelves.
  • All deliveries must be accompanied with a packing slip or invoice that contains an itemized list of the items delivered.
  • We will need to know up front all wholesale costing and suggested retail pricing information.
  • It is important that we know where you source your products or ingredients.
  • We provide a link to all local vendor's Facebook pages and Websites from our Local Directory. We request reciprocal links be placed to The Turnip Truck's Website from all loca vendor Websites.
  • We may ask that you hold in-store demos in order to effectively introduce your products to our customers.

Please direct any inquiries to